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The Sky is Falling!

Oh wait! That was just the garage door!

So I was heading out the other night for some “Sin City” fun (clean fun, of course!). As I was stopped at a stop sign waiting for some folks to cross the street, I was observing some people outside grilling (and wow did it smell good!). It’s so nice when the Las Vegas, NV nights are cool enough to enjoy a good steak on the grill! While they were just sitting there enjoying an adult beverage,

Wood: Real Deal or to Fake It?

When I have the time, I love to go out to the mountains and hide out in my cabin. I love the contrast of all the natural wood in the cabin, compared to my more modern-style home in Las Vegas. Thinking about this, I realized why so many people love the look of wooden garage doors on their homes…there is something so warm and inviting about wood.

Too Hot to Handle

When it’s 100 degrees out in that Las Vegas, Nevada desert sun, the last thing you want to have to do is manually open and close your garage door. Let’s face it, the last think you want to do is even get out of the nice A/C of the car, and face that heat. So dealing with the garage door is out of the question.

Thank goodness for the invention of the garage door opener!

Paint it Up!

Last week, I was working a job in Henderson where the homeowner was in total renovation and paint-
mode. We were comparing color options for the house, and he was concerned about the garage door
and how it would fit in with the new color. He was fairly set on the main color, but it clashed with the
door, and he didn’t want to have to choose a new color or a new door for that matter.

Commercial Garage Doors

So when it comes to garage doors, is there really a difference from a residential?

Well I’m glad you asked…Yes! Yes there is!

Commercial garage doors often endure more use and abuse than the average residential garage door. Whether a car garage which is opening and closing multiple times a day, wearing on the mechanics of the door, or an operational garage often found in construction and like industries. In those cases, housing heavy materials and large machines which are moving the materials through, wear and tear can be extreme.

Keeping the Classics

This past week was a great week; we had a few consultations for new service and a great line-up of
installs. I realized in all of this that we do the majority of our work in residential, so I don’t talk about
commercial side of things as much.

Hinge Maintenance


Being in the repair and install environment, it’s common practice to preach “maintenance” to clients. But I realize sometimes while I’m great at giving reminders, I’m often taking for granted that people know what exactly that means, let alone where to start. So today let’s start with something simple: hinges.

Spring Into Action!

Garage doors are pretty amazing, when you think about it. They carry a lot of weight, take a significant
amount of abuse, and endure constant repetitive use. But what’s really amazing is the amount of
weight, both figuratively and literally, torsion springs carry.

The last Las Vegas client Veteran had was a prime example of why it’s important we cover this topic. He
had run his garage door while standing inside, and a spring snapped, shooting through the garage and
nearly hit him! Luckily for him, it took out the car window instead of causing any bodily damage on him..

On Fire!

Living in Las Vegas, we know the meaning of heat. There are many days where the sun and heat index
are so intense that you feel like you’re on fire, or going to burst into flames at any given moment! But
what do you do if there are fires, how do you protect your assets?

Garage Doors…Where to Begin?

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to take the little things for granted in life? Like a sunny day, a good meal, or a working garage door? Yes, that’s correct…a working garage door. Because when the stop working, we can find ourselves stuck in or out of the house. Granted, I admit, we probably all have days when it would be nice to have that excuse to get out of work or certain appointments. Right? But really, is the inconvenience worth it?

Hold onto Your Hats!

One of the things I hear people comment on when the drive into Las Vegas for a visit, is the impressive
winds that roll across the desert. It really is intense; you can feel it in your steering as you fight to keep
your car on a straight path, as opposed to the middle of the desert where the wind wants to take you.
You have to respect and almost admire (yet fear at the same time) wind so powerful it can force a semi-
truck to tip over.

To insulate, or not to insulate, that is the question.

Ok, so perhaps this dilemma is not as deep-seated as Shakespeare’s writing. However, it’s still a very valid question when it comes to your garage door.

In today’s increasingly green world, efficiency is critical. Insulation can be the answer, but with multiple contributing factors, it’s not necessarily a “no-brainer”.


You ever look at beat-up garage doors and wonder what exactly happen to them? The ones with
substantial dents (usually aluminum) often have great stories behind them, which I have had the
pleasure to hear on multiple occasions, often from families.

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